Open Letter To Sen. Grace Poe (From FaceBook comment)


Isa lang naman ang masasabi ko kahit na anong galing mo may masasabi parin ang mga taong bumoto at nakapaligid sa iyo.  Goodluck Sen. Grace Poe.

Nakita ko lang sya isa sa mga nag comment sa post at may point nga naman sya. Kayo na po ang bahalang humusga.


View previous comments for Sen. GRACE POE… Aron Garo Razalle MANILA, Philippines — A Senate draft report found President Benigno Aquino III responsible for the Mamasapano operation, Senator Grace Poe said on Tuesday. Dear Madam Grace Poe, I agree he is responsible but he is not liable for a failed Police operation. For example, you directed your staffs to gather evidence and in the process somebody got killed, are you criminally liable? There were so many failed Police and Military operations in history. In 1972 Munich Olympics, six Israeli athletes, five Israeli coaches and one German police officer were massacre/killed by the terrorists, in a FAILED POLICE OPERATION. Nobody was prosecuted nor was held liable because it was a FAILED POLICE OPERATION. No one, not even the officer who directed the FAILED OPERATION, nor the chief of police were held liable. That is why I totally disagree with your findings that the President can be held liable and can be impeached. There is too much political influence in that senate investigation. At first I admired your sincerity and honesty, but my observation was that you got carried away by your fellow senators who wants to bring down a good president. I say a good president because he is fighting the root cause of POVERTY which is CORRUPTION in the government. And those people who wants to bring down the president are the CORRUPTS and THIEVES in the Government. Our country will move backward to the Marcos Enrile Era where political enemies are killed, tortured and jailed, if these evil conspirators successfully bring down a good president. Good as in NOT A THIEF. I hope madam senator, you will not let your children and their children live in the old rotten society of CORRUPTION. The fight on corruption have just begun with Pres. Aquino’s term, 50 years of corruption cannot be eliminated in six years especially when many corrupt officials with billions of stolen taxpayers money are still around. Their stolen billions is very powerful to influence the mass media, the voters, the bishops, the judiciary and many more money can buy. Just look at the Supreme Court in the case against the People of the Philippines versus Erap Estrada. The Judges ruled in favor of a CONVICTED CRIMINAL to run the government of Manila. The supreme court ruling have set a precedent to all the Judges in the entire country that it is MORAL and JUST for a CRIMINAL to run a government of a country. An ordinary citizen need a police clearance and NBI clearance to get accepted for a job. How can we explain this to the children of the future??? The Supreme Court of the land has just LEGALIZED CORRUPTION…May GOD help and save the Philippines and its People… its about good and evil not politics…



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