Hopes and dreams of bygone times. 

We can’t really predict the future. We never know if this future will bring us the karma that we deserve. Future will become past and past will become history. What if our past is now the future that we don’t want to happen? The present that we didn’t expect to happen, are we ready to face the consequences that we created from the past or are we just simply enjoying the moment of being happy at this time?

I’m here right now in the situation that I need to look forward and forget my past. I’m here in the power of fancy to create my dreams and to pursue my future to happen. I know I’m matured enough to weigh my emotions and decisions. I know how to handle difficult decisions. I know how to survive and to recover from different heartaches and I know how to dwell and fight my foes. Life is about moving on, accepting changes and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete. Life is about forgiveness.

 Love is not my word; love in relationship is not my priority right now. I don’t want to entertain anything about love. Love for me is like a bridge without end. Love is like stagnant water from the river, full of waste that causes life into death. Today I don’t really know what I want. Maybe, I need to think and imagine the past that would tolerate my present. Love is not for me now, maybe someday or maybe in the near future.

 Do we really need love to be happy? Or maybe we are just taking what the society dictates us. We hurt for something that we all know from the very beginning that we should need to avoid. We all know the answer to a question like why? But we still choose to be stupid. Even if it repeatedly happens, we still try. I want to give up the things that I know I loose. I do not give up because I want to; I gave up because I’m tired. I’m tired for something that I know I had no rights. I do not want to count the stars because I’m too tired of carrying his lights. Why did you comeback? Why did you show up again? Is it my fault to restore the past? I demolished the structures of love, buildings, hopes and dreams of bygone times. Let me wipe out all the trace of the past. I am a man of nowhere, a man of hate and jealousy, man of goodbyes and a man of admiration.

If I could only get a chance to rewrite our story, I’d be damn sure that this is going to be right this time the way that we both like it. Not perfect, but definitely going to be worth your while. But for now, let me love you from afar. Let me hug and kiss you in my dreams. If this is the sign of loneliness, please let me hug you and let me say “Thank You” for the last time.


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