Almost Falling Into Pieces

Now you almost made me fall for you or should I say I think I’m Falling for you. Bakit kaya mapaglaro si kupido? Kong saan ka masasaktan doon ka nya talaga pinipilit at doon nya papanain ang puso mo. Bakit hindi ka panain sa taong hindi ka masasaktan, sa taong alam mong masaya rin para sa’yo
Every night I go to sleep, I always wish that I will wake up beside you. Every morning I ask the heavens and wish if I can give you morning kisses and hug you while you are sleeping. Oh! Dear cupid this rainy night makes me feel like I’m almost losing hope. I just can’t imagine the pain of telling you how much I Like/Love you. Thinking about the words of rejection coming from your lips is like a lock without a key, I don’t know how to free myself from the pain of your words. Hindi ko talaga gusto ang pag ulan habang nag iisa. Ulan sa gabi na nagdadala sa akin nang kalungkutan at takot.

I’ve been in love a lot of times, I’ve been waiting this day to tell you that you are the reason why I’m inspired to wake up every day uhhmm.. Okay maybe you are the only reason why I love to sleep and maybe you are the reason of my beautiful dreams but I’m really sorry if I fell in love to you. Sorry if this is my way of expressing my admiration for you. No words can express how much I like having long conversation with you, sipping my favorite coffee while staring in your eyes and hoping that someday, just someday those little beautiful eyes will fall for me too. 

The heat of the summer sun is solvable like your smile, smiles that I wish for me. There on the beach watching the glittering water and the questionable waves tossed the delicate fine sand. I wish I saw your shadow under the bright moon, your shadows dancing in every rushing cold air. I wish that I could see a future with you; my dream is to see you every night before going to sleep, next to the memorable cold night.

Why love is so sweet, why love is painful and why I still love you even knowing that I’m completely vulnerable. I’m always asking Why? why I always pretend that it’s okay if you’re not going to return the love that I have for you. Why am I sad even I can easily reach you? Why can’t it be? Why can’t I call you mine? Why the word “IF” is always there in the middle of my lovely questions? It’s okay for me to love you from a far? To kiss you in my vivid dreams? Why your loving heart is too elusive for me?

I want to offer my soul and my heart to mend your broken heart. Let me love you to ease your pain and let me kiss you to the night of summer, kissing your lips with the wind of chances. I want you to feel my sincere love.

Oh Mister Cupid thank you for not allowing myself to be broke again, I thought I almost fall in to pieces. You and your flowering words help me to accept the fact that there’s no chance at all. That there’s no You and Me in this beautiful world of called love, but there’s YOU and ME in the new bridge of friendship. Letting you out in my dreams are not an easy task to do but letting you out in my heart uhmmm let me think about that.
Lastly please stop making my heart skip a bit every time I’m with you?


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