Fall seven times, stand up eight

Live your life, no matter what that life is. There’s a time you may feel that the world is against you, but it’s okay cheer up, stand up and fight for what really meant to fight for. We are born in this world that we need to compete in everything. We may feel that everything in our lives are competition. We compete to get something important and necessary. We compete to be better. There’s nothing wrong to be competitive, therefore there’s nothing wrong to lose sometimes. Life is not about winning, life is about survival, life is about celebration of our achievements after the competition. That’s the best part of life we need to make them precious and treasure every moment because we fought for it and we worked hard to achieved it.

Life would be very boring without the competitions. Life is awesome after winning those competitions and you become great depending upon what you do after winning. Life is not a competition if we allow ourselves to lose what we want. Life is not a competition if you are satisfied to be poor for the rest of your life; to have poor grades on school, to have a poor job or salary or to have wrong decisions at work or maybe to race in a situation that only a few people are allowed to compete and win.

I remember during my teenage years, I commit a lot of mistakes in life. I felt that I need to run, run, run and go to the places that no one knows. The place that I can do everything I want. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of something new, thinking of something that can change my life. I asked my self-regarding on what my real purpose in life. Voices gently whispered to my ear. I don’t get the answer that I want but I had a realization. Once you find your purpose in life that’s the end of your journey. Don’t look for your purpose, look for something that makes you happy every day. Look for something that everyday living is worthwhile. Do something that makes you happy and makes somebody happy. Finding your purpose in life is like finding a reason to die. Don’t end your journey yet, enjoy every single day of your life and be a source of happiness to everyone.

Every now and then I always asked my self on what makes me happy. That word is very subjective to anyone. I always think that my source of happiness depends on the person I really want to be with me for the rest of my life. Is that person really makes me happy? Or that person makes me happy and in the end will be the source of my sadness. That could be the question that I need to ponder.

In life, we need to practice self-awareness for us to develop our skills on how to deal with daily circumstances. We need to be aware of our weaknesses and strengths for us to communicate properly to others. We need to know our weaknesses and strengths for us to become aware of what we really want in life. What kind of career do we need to pursue? We need these to know the good and the bad in every situation. We need to be aware of ourselves in order to be good enough for the things that we are struggling with. On the other hand, it is better to know whether our decisions and achievements will be better or worse. We can sometimes tap ourselves to remind us that the world is not revolving to us. Those particular things can remind us to get involved with things that can make us feel better. To enjoy life and to fulfill the happiness that we are looking into.

There’s a moment you think of giving up, that’s okay, I mean that’s everybody feels bad about life. In the end, why do we get rid of the problems, with the sadness and the pain that we sometimes experienced? We live to give life to people around us. We are the ones who serve as their strength and they are our source of happiness. Source of our daily energy.



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