I am Worthy

We faced different challenges of life this year. We had a happy and meaningful year. We may have forgotten what happened during the first months of 2018 because of a plot twist and challenges in the last quarter of the year. We learned to love, we hurt, hope and forgiveness. I found out that each individual’s value should always be considered.

The ending of this year was fun but mixed with emotions. This year, I learned that death is not really the opposite of life, It is part of life. Despite circumstances, I taught my self to smile and fight. I taught myself that my happiness does not depend on others to be happy.

Today I want to thank GOD for giving me strength, for loving me and for understanding. I thank GOD for showing me the light of hope, for showing me the beauty beyond challenges.

Minsan na tanong ko ang sarili ko kung nasaan na ang “Self-worth” ko. Nasaan na ako sa mga panahon na to. Nagdasal lang ako, humingi ng tawad at nagpatawad. Isang araw nagising ako na “Okay na ako” okay sa paraang alam ko.

I would like to remind everyone, that despite struggles and battles that we may face this coming year. Be strong, hold on because your worth did not define by your Social media status, did not define by what people might think about you. Your worth define of what kind of beautiful creature you are. Your worth is priceless, your worth is unmeasurable. Always LOVEYOURSELF first and be kind to one another. Happy New Year Friends.


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